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If you are arrested for a criminal offense, there are two things to remember. The first and most important thing is that you have an absolute right to remain silent. You are not obligated to give information to investigators, and doing so can only make matters worse in most situations. The second thing to remember is that you have a right to obtain the services of an attorney during all phases of criminal prosecution. Indeed, one of the biggest mistake made by people accused of a crime is to give information to investigators without the advice of counsel. Early consultation with an attorney is imperative to a successful defense of any criminal charge.

The Law Office of Adam C. Cathey provides experienced and aggressive representation for all criminal matters. Our firm’s success in handling criminal cases lies not only in our complex understanding of the law, but also in our knowledge of the local legal community and the local protocols involved in handling a criminal matter. As a former prosecutor for the State of Georgia, Mr. Cathey has tried felony and misdemeanor criminal charges to successful verdicts both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. He is available to assist you for criminal matters in all courts throughout Northwest Georgia.

This information is provided as a general guide only and cannot substitute for the personal advice of competent attorney familiar with your specific case. If you require further information, please call our office at 706-935-8200 to set an appointment for a consultation.